Human Starlings


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released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


DOLPHANT Guadalajara, Mexico

Agrupación independiente surgida en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México en 2013. Su concepto emocional sin límites genera un sonido potente y digerible de rock alternativo.

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Track Name: Shine
I want to take your time
you always shine

I want to take this flight
you're always right

Cause I want to bring the night
I'll throw my eyes into your arms
the days gone like moments die
It's for your shine

I want to take this flight
you're always right

Cause trees are growing, the people are rising
the sound in my hands is accelerating
smells like wet earth, I feel like I'm dancing
I'm dancing
Track Name: Personal Ghost
Take another breath
under the ocean floor
blinded by the lights
you could feel my soul

on this dramatic break with the past
only have twentyone grams to be
your personal ghost

Before i go
my shaking hands fall in pieces
before i go
I will show you how to be eternal

And we will dance again
we will dance again
together face to face
Track Name: Kaiser
It's time to say goodbye
I know it's complicated
erase me to rise
erase me to begin
forget me to understand
forget me to begin

Lies, lips, wrong things, leave me so close
a call, a noise, these eyes are cold, leave me alone

Reactions on your face
make me believe
there's another place
forget me to understand
forget me to begin

Escape from this story, escape
another place
Track Name: Dominic Decoco
I'm feeling like a storm
and you can hold me
your facts will never come

I'm reeling in the line
you can unroll me
I'm feeling all this pain

This is just cold wind
I'm waiting

I'm inside the wood
the sound it makes
burning flags at home

Drowning in the red
your words are floating
are floating like your soul

This is just cold wind
Track Name: Papers
Good luck alone
the way it's too cold
our jokes are gone
for nothing and that's all

Papers lose color

You never never stop
the ink will never stop

the days in the sun
have to bring me the dark
there's no way to choose
when your legs don't work

Papers lose color